Old books on a book shelf


A friend of mine has collected books for many years and has recently begun to catalogue them. In this post I do some simple analysis of the catalogue and query an ISBN database to fill in some missing data.

Total songs played each day in 2016H2

Spotify song history

Spotify recently sent me their ‘2016 Wrapped’ email containing a few statistics about my listening habits in 2016, and a playlist of my 101 most played songs. There is an option in Spotify’s to log your song history to last.fm, from where you to download your song history. I thought it would be interesting to verify […]

Vim v8 splash screen


Vim is a text editor renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, and is based on the Vi text editor from the 1970’s. It was first released in 1991 and is still being developed today. Using a system of keyboard shortcuts, it’s an efficient tool to navigate and edit text, and therefore is less distracting than other editors. […]

autumn path winding

Autumn, BIN and $PATH

Two small things have been learnt recently: the importance of PATH and the contents of various BIN folders. Autumn 2016 has not gone as planned. Whilst studying for a couple of exams plans were put on hold and hobbies were ceased. Now that life is returning to normal, I have opportunity to post again. PATH […]

Model silo with hopper


In this post I want to introduce my doctorate research without assuming any engineering knowledge. Background From Spring 2010 until the Autumn of 2013, I was a PhD candidate living in Vienna, Austria and working at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. Before working in Vienna, I completed my Masters degree in Civil and Environmental […]

binary lens


Blockchain uses Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) to authenticate users and authorise transactions. These notes introduce the field of cryptography and explains how modern cryptographic methods work. I wrote them to teach myself about encryption1. To begin with the the absolute basics, encryption generally works by taking a message and representing it as a series of numbers2 […]

Digital currencies: the basics

Digital currencies are often discussed in the context of finance, technology and economics. The Blockchain – the technology which applications like Bitcoin are built on – is significant because it removes the need for trust or an intermediary between unrelated parties transacting with each other. So far, the most influential and famous digital currency is Bitcoin. This post […]

Spare time

This is a list of interests I want to consider pursuing. I wrote it when I began to study for my last set of exams and my mind filled with things I’d rather be doing instead. Some of these interests are just me reacting to having no free-time for a few months, but others are […]