2019-06: Uber

Deliver an internal analytics tool using Python and Plot.ly Dash. The tool has a broad scope covering multiple regions, scales and business lines. I re-designed the app for scalability, maintainability and performance whilst increasing functionality, and provided a flexible foundation for new features to be developed after I left the project. Challenges included building custom visualizations, refactoring legacy code, and processing large data sets efficiently.

2018-07: Blockport

Design, create and maintain internal data tools for a fin-tech startup. As the only data specialist, I delivered tools to provide business insights including; management information, fraud analysis, tax reporting, KPI tracking, regulatory compliance, marketing and growth. I also delivered sentiment analysis of key social media channels.

I worked with stakeholders across the business including back-end, founders, customer support, finance, DevOps (CI/CD) and growth teams.

Tools included: Python, Bokeh, Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, DataStore, Data Studio), PostgreSQL.

2017-09: Anaheim Consulting

Deliver the technical design and execution of a novel cryptographic crowd-funding method. Whilst working with a tech startup as a financial accountant, I worked with stakeholders and external developers to design, test and execute an initial coin offering (ICO). I aslo led investor relations throughout the funding round and provided book-keeping services.

2014-04: PwC Assurance - Banking & Capital Markets

Deliver the ETL pipeline, analysis and visualization of large financial datasets including financial journals and loan books. As a chartered accountant and external financial auditor of clients in banking and capital markets in London (HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, BNP Paribas) I facilitated the transfer of data from client systems before transforming and loading them into our on-prem SQL environments. We recalculated clients' financial statements and mined the data for additional value-add insights.